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I’ve updated some of the photoshoots in our gallery with HQ pictures and never seen outtakes. Enjoy!


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Happy 29th Birthday, Katy!

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Hi guys. Some of you may be wondering what is happening with the site. So here is the answer; we’ve been hacked once again. But for me it isn’t a problem, We will keep working hard on this project with the same excitement as we started it. Because we love Katy and I’m really proud and thankful of everyone of you who spend a little part of your time for visiting us. This isn’t the end, KPdaily will return fully, but you have to understand that this won’t happen as fast as we all want to. There is a lot of effort, time and hours dedicated this site and nobody will ruin it. We will try to complete our picture archive day by day, and we will keep updating you with the latest news. We aren’t going to let the greatness get us down.

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February 1, 2015 Super Bowl XLIX
February 8, 2015 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards
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